Our History

Rener, Proyecto y Construcción emerged in 1966 with a strong vocation for the design, construction and sale of residential buildings and offices.

Founded by architect Rener Zelman, it is today one of the largest construction companies in the country, with a wealth and diversity of completed projects ranging from residential buildings, offices, hotels, and shops to restaurants, among others.

Today, we continue to develop new projects, while maintaining the highest quality standards, not only within the field of construction, but also in our relationship with our customers.

The dedication to excellence, loyalty, discipline, integrity, professionalism and teamwork are values that inspired the birth of our company and are as valid as on the first day, achieving a unique and direct contact with our customers.

Over time our growth as a company accompanied the growth of our relationship with customers; they find in our group all possibilities to reach their goals: from a successful investment to the dream of building a new home for their families.

Our work experience and bond with our customers has led us to the highest quality standards, and today primarily differentiates us from our competitors.

Each new project begins as a new challenge to continue demonstrating and proving the excellent quality of a Rener project.

The fact that Rener is composed of different generations guarantees an intergenerational approach that constantly seeks a balance between classic and innovative, combining years of experience with the creative adventure involved in each new project.

Our talent is to design and execute dreams.

Our enthusiasm is for what is yet to be built. We are proud to work with so many people in these important moments of life and we do it with passion, giving the best of each of us.

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